Hello world!

I am beginning this blog to track my progress with my journey of T-Tapping and getting healthy and fit.

I’m Ariel. I just turned 26, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I’m 5’8-ish and wear a size 16. My weight? Lets not get into that… We’re talking inches. I don’t know my inches, but I’ll know I’m losing when my pants start falling off. I can see it now! Hello, cute skirts, and shorts, dresses and bathing suits!

Okay so here’s the verdict, I’ve got hypothyroid, and have severe knee problems. I always have, since I was in sports in middle and high school. Now that I’m oh so old, I can feel it even more (hey, 30 is right around the corner… sort of).

A week and a couple days ago I started the Basic Workout Plus. I have not been doing the “plus” part, Hoe-Downs… not yet anyway. I have only done the instructional workout 1. I have been doing it everyday, and will be doing it everyday until I have reached 14 days for the boot camp. I am on day 10 right now. Go me! I am also doing the CRT Body brushing system for cellulite reduction, and skin firming. As of the beginning of week 2, I am not seeing any incredible results, however I’m feeling them! My endurance is improving, and I’m able to complete the workout, I was unable to complete the entire workout when I first started (sad, I know). I did hop on the scale and noticed that I actually gained about 5 pounds. This leaves me at the higher end of my fluctuating weight. Honestly, this more than likely has everything to do with the fact that I overindulged in sweets and rich food on Mother’s Day, and my birthday. I also work at a school, and last week was Teacher’s Appreciation Week and the office was overflowing with food… I ate what I wanted. Also, I got Burger King coupons in the mail… damn it. I’m so glad I gave them to somebody else. lol So there you have it, I suppose it’s a miracle that I didn’t gain more. Oh, I forgot to mention all of the half&half lattes I’ve been drinking since I scored a Starbucks Barista Espresso Machine at the Flea Market! Yikes.. well there you have it. Lets not even mention STRESS.

Okay, to conclude this, I hope this blog can inspire any and everybody who needs encouragement on a journey to health and happiness…

P.S. I know my lifestyle needs major improvement… One step at a time… one step.